Short Stories

Joey thought finding a book for his report was going to be boring. Little did he know he would soon find himself fighting for his life within its pages. If he's right, the only way home is by embarking on the Quest for the Jewel. Winner of the 2020 Under the Hooded Monster Contest.

The follow is a collection of short stories set in the world of the Hooded. Each of them interconnect, but are told independent of one another. Enjoy!

The End of War:
The final moments of the Martolac Uprising. Joran Tanner and Ander Red finish their fight, and Joran speaks to Ander with his dying breath.

Lonely Among an Army:
The War of the One Man Army is in full swing. Taking a few moments to rest, Ander Red meets a man who will change his life: Joran Tanner.

The Calm Before the Storm:
Ander has seen war; he's fought in two already. He's become a hero and everyone knows him name. But he still worries about his younger brothers Damon and Cyril. And something is looming on the horizon, threatening everything.

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