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The Hooded: Stand

The Kingdom of Regostia is protected by a powerful group known as the Hooded. Whether it’s reconnaissance, strategy, or combat, the Hooded have trained to be able to tackle every issue that the kingdom faces. But what they’re most known for is their use of morar, an energy that can be shaped to allow the Hooded to complete superhuman feats.

Living in the capital, Damon Red has always lived in his brother Ander’s shadow. Ander is an internationally known, twice decorated war hero and the strongest Hooded in the kingdom. Damon struggles to compete in minor league tournaments and can barely get the girl of his dreams to notice him. He wants nothing to do with the Hooded because he knows he can never live up to his brother.

When Ander tries to kill the king in the dead of night, the shadow Damon has lived in suddenly changes. He’s no longer the younger brother of the greatest man in the kingdom; he’s the brother of a traitor. And when no one can produce Ander’s motive, Damon must also come to terms with the fact that his brother was not the man he thought he was. And no one knows what kind of man Ander was.

In order to restore his reputation, Damon sets out to join the Hooded. Along the way, he hopes to find out why Ander really did what he did. To become a powerful Hooded, he must make new friends, new enemies, and learn what it really means to protect the things he cares about. When he finds the truth, will it turn his life on its head again?

Under the Hooded Monster Contest
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Everyone loves a good monster. The best kind are terrifying, powerful, and show us something fundamental about our humanity. However, monsters are made to be confronted. Whether it’s a monster hunter, a person who runs into a monster accidentally, or a more symbolic confrontation, monsters are only as good as the people who go after them. And that’s what this contest is all about. We want to see the stories about confronting your best monsters. Bonus points for original monsters! Click here to find out more!

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